1. Design of tank-top, semi-submersible, deck cargo barges

2. Preparation of Technical Specs

3. Equipment Layout with vendors

4. GA, Structural drawings, Equipment Layout, Lightship Estimation

5. Stability Analysis – Intact/Damage analysis

6. Local Analysis for structural enhancement

7. Foundation Designs – Engines/Davit supports/Thrusters/Smit brackets/Winches

8. Optimization of structural configuration

9. Submission of design reports and drawings for obtaining approval from third-party certification authorities

10. Preparation of Drawing, Calculations, Model (final)& Analysis report is provided to the client

11. Marine Operating Manual

12. Stability Booklet

13. Rig Loading Program

14. Our Special Services to barge owners include;


  • Project Management for Rig Refurbishment.
  • Technical support for refurbishment at the construction site.
  • Development of Online document System.
  • Documentation & Conversion to soft CAD Drawings.
  • Life Enhancement program, with special NDT inspection schedules.