Subsea Pipeline & Flexible Engineering


Subsea Pipeline & Flexible Engineering

GPMC provides FEED, Basic & Detailed Engineering services for subsea pipeline as below:

1. Offshore & Onshore Pipeline Optimal Route Study and Selection.


2.Offshore Pipeline Installation Study.


3.Pipeline On-Bottom Roughness Analysis.


4.Buckling Assessment.


5.Pipeline Free Span Analysis.


6.Pipeline Stability Design.


7.Static and Dynamic Pipe lay analysis.


8.Riser Global Dynamic Analysis.


9.Static & Dynamic Analysis for various riser configurations.


10.Riser & Tie-In Spool Design.


11.SPM Analysis with risers & moorings.


12.Riser Clamp Design.


13.Umbilical global Dynamic Analysis.


14.Offshore Pipeline Shore Approach Constructability Study.


15.Offshore Pipeline Shore Approach Design.


16.Onshore and Offshore Pipeline Stress Analysis.


17.Onshore and Offshore Pipeline Road Crossing Design.


18.Onshore and Offshore Installation Study and Installation Analysis.


19.Onshore and Offshore Pipeline Cathodic Protection.


20.Transportation analysis of pipelines including sea-fastening design.